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Why do all homeowners prefer IKEA ™ cabinets over Local providers?

We used to get asked this question a lot by the homeowners “Why do all the Local Providers say never use IKEA ™?” That’s almost like asking why your Ford dealer told you to never buy a GMC. There’s a lot that goes into this, but one factor is that Local Providers have relationships with cabinet makers, and they upcharge you on custom cabinetry to add to their own bottom line. And I don’t say that to demonize contractors – it’s a completely valid and legitimate cost for the work they do. But it’s an incentive to steer homeowners in that one direction which, granted, is higher quality but is also often double the price.


We are not talking about the difference between Fort Knox and the first little pig’s house made of straw. IKEA ™ cabinetry is engineered really well and will hold up to normal use the same way custom-built MDF (medium density fiberboard) cabinets would.


IKEA ™ also provides a warranty of 25 Years if there is any damage to your door or cabinets.

IKEA ™ provides a wide variety there was time the IKEA ™ was limited to only dorm rooms and first apartments. Now it will cover starting from   Kitchens Rooms, Bedrooms, Office Rooms, Wardrobe, Laundry Rooms, closet etc.


IKEA ™ is known for the modern design and affordability as well as the quality of its kitchens. We Kitchen Craft LLC -> your-ikea-kitchen-installers have been working on IKEA ™ cabinet assembly and installations for two decades now. It is my sincere opinion that any concerns of durability are unnecessary if properly installed.


The IKEA ™ Kitchen Provides the very simple process or steps like the first plan according to your budget then you can check the IKEA ™ has a whole catalog devoted to kitchen inspiration, but it’s always  a good idea to go into the store so you can see and touch everything first hand. Measure the kitchen, start designing i.e., ikea have the 3D kitchen Planner or you can take professional help for Designing than place order.


Last but the not least and very important stage is Assembly and Installation, if you have experience or any DIY person can give a try but we strongly recommend to go with the professionals to take care of the installation


IKEA ™ cabinets not being solid wood isn’t a concern at all. The main consideration is the balance between strength and design. If it’s strong enough and fits into your design, then it’s a great choice! IKEA ™ cabinets are made from MDF (medium density fiberboard) that is wrapped in a layer of hard plastic called melamine. The melamine seals against water and MDF is used in a wide variety of cabinetry available through countless retailers. Even most cabinet makers offer an MDF box construction option.