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Try IKEA’s Galley Kitchen when running tight with space…

IKEA’s Galley Kitchen

The Ikea brand has maintained its reputation by providing cost-effective and budget-friendly kitchen series all around the world IKEA has become synonymous with creative storage ideas, so use roll-out drawers, pullouts, and internal drawers to your advantage. If you are looking for the best storage and budget-friendly kitchen for you then you can go for the galley kitchen which offers a particularly efficient use of space.

The galley kitchen is known for its two opposing walls offering a wide choice of positions for the various appliances and workstations, to the point of allowing more than one work triangle – having sufficient space available and create more countertop area for your cooking you can also maximize the storage space of your Galley kitchen with accessories, such as pull-out units, additional shelves, open shelves, wire baskets, and interior organizers.

The corridor layout can be the best even in the case of small spaces since the kitchen is not open at both ends and does not become a usual passage point between the various parts of the house, it is important that there is enough space between the two fronts at least one and a half meters because drawers and doors can be opened at the same time even if placed one in front of the other. Also, you can place a seating area for guests or family by adding a leaf table or an open table at the end, you can have an informal seating area. This can be put away when not in use.

The Galley kitchen is best suited if you are looking for and small and smart you have to utilize every inch of the kitchen. It is best to get it installed by professionals as it needs detailed planning and skill to install accurately.

If you need our service for your kitchen measure and plan email your request with contact info and don’t forget to include your ZIP code. If you already have Ikea kitchen design finalized, you can easily get our free quote for assembly and installation via email.

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