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Should we use the suspension rail or not for IKEA™ Kitchen Cabinet Installation?

While installing the cabinets you have to be more precise about the rail because it acts as the backbone for the cabinets that hold the weight of the cabinets

Suspension Rails acts as the backbone for the IKEA™ Kitchen cabinets. One of the best things about the suspension rail is that it supports both the top and bottom IKEA™ Kitchen cabinets in the most efficient way.

The suspension rails are made up of thick galvanized steel which is a very good way to secure your cabinets.

Before installation, you need to know how high you want your microwave to sit over your range. And also the Upper kitchen cabinets are hung at a variety of heights, you can use a hacksaw or Dermal Tool to cut the rails for adjustments.

Measuring tape will be useful in determining exactly where in your kitchen you’re placing your cabinets – both side-to-side on each wall, and how high the rails need to be hung.

Use a long level or a laser for the straightness check, Rails must be correctly aligned. Check it over and over. If it’s off it will affect the entire row of cabinets and ensure failure. Often times we see a handyman use an old level that is not accurate. They are many reasons to hire a pro.

We recommend a suspension rail for the lower cabinets as well. Use the SEKTION cabinet legs on the front and back of the bottom cabinets.

Also, check the condition of the walls, verify if itis flat enough if the walls are not even, they had to be shimmed to keep the rail from curving to follow the wall.

Chances of errors during installations are high and many people face situations, where sometimes suspension rails are misplaced that is attached upside down that, may cause trouble and increase the cost and time of installation and reinstallation, so it’s always better to take professional help. Kitchen Craft LLCindependent contractor has been exclusive in ikea kitchen installations for 20 years. Our Expert ikea kitchen installers will install your dream kitchen in the professional, clean, and most efficient way.