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Mistakes that cost you huge if you go for DIY when it comes to IKEA™ Kitchen Cabinet Assembly And Installation

Mistakes that cost you huge if you go for DIY when it comes to IKEA™ Kitchen Cabinet Assembly And Installation

We ‘’ [Kitchen Craft LLC ] have been working on Design, Assembly &installing the IKEA™ kitchens for over20 years now & we do come across certain questions from our prospects and clients that:

  • Why should I choose professional installers rather than myself doing the assembly and installation for my IKEA™ kitchen? I can save money on professional services, right?

I know you love your house, your kitchen, and want to customize it at your will and wish under your budget of course, and will try to save everything that could be avoided and that you feel can save some bucks if you do it for yourself. But did you know, that out of 100% who start installing or assembly for their IKEA™ kitchen or wardrobe, other cabinets by going through manuals and instructions by IKEA™, However, close to 90% will get frustrated and end up realizing midway that they messed up everything and now it’s going to cost them even more to fix the mess that they created and more important is the Time invested is gone. Pooof!!

Some prominent mistakes they commit are worth discussing and good reasons to hire professional installers for the same:

Wrong Planning: I am sure you heard this quote “A Fool with a Plan better than a Genius without a plan.” planning is the very First and Foremost Important key aspect before installation or assembly. You should know what is that you need to do, prerequisites, and ascending workflow in proper order. Professional’s expertise comes into play here and they can easily assess the situation curate a customized plan for your kitchen considering the space and structure etc., any minor mistake you make can lead your Kitchen to Chaos.

Exceeding the Time after the delivery day you have to be ready to give your dedicated time to the Kitchen installation/planning/assembly. You have to decide how many days/hours you are willing to put in and how many hours/days you think the job will be taking to complete all aspects i.e., Assembly, Installation, and Finish Carpentry. As you know time is money hence, if you are exceeding the time limit then probably you will end up spending more than a pre-decided budget. Expert ikea kitchen installers can complete the assembly and installation of your ikea kitchen cabinets in a couple of days.

Wrong Tools: One more great reason to hire a pro is usually DIY Guru teaches you to use whatever tools you have to make things work. But more than 90% of the time it doesn’t work. there are many tools are  used in the assembly and Installation you have to be Precise about what tools to be used for the, for example, Assembling the cabinets Drill can save your time comparatively to screwdriver but you have to be careful as drilling too fast can cause Crack or splinter to the cabinets (MDF)

Wrong Installations: errors in an installation like misalignment of cabinets or Finishing Errors, etc., so it’s better to take professional. 

Not Taking Advice From Experts IKEA™ kitchen cabinets are worth the money you will spend. They are awesome. They have great features, but if you have made mistakes out of anything mentioned above mentioned you can affect the durability of the IKEA™ Cabinets. These are some of many tricks that only experts can help you with and it comes with years of work experience so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Get in touch with the Pro in this Industry -> Kitchen Craft LLC