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Kitchen Replacement Return On Investment


A common real estate adage says, “kitchens sell houses,” and it’s true.

You’ve probably heard the saying that kitchen and bathrooms sell houses, and it’s true. Having an up-to-date modern kitchen is one of the best ways you can add value to your home. After all, it is the hub of the home!
Property experts say if you can only afford to tackle one room in the house, it should definitely be the kitchen. If you do plan on buying a whole new kitchen, to ensure you get the most value from it.

Many people decide to remodel instead of selling, 76 percent of Americans surveyed would rather use a set amount of money to upgrade their home to meet their needs rather than use it as a down payment on a new home or move at all.
But if you’re planning on selling, now or later on, listing your home with a brand-new kitchen is the best way to attract a wide pool of buyers — as well as get the higher sale price.
Kitchens and baths are the areas in a home where you can tell if money has been well spent or not. Kitchens are where people spend time in their homes. With the new kitchen, you’re really ahead of the game over time because you get the use of all that new and improved space. You get to enjoy it.

KitchenIs the King

Buyers of all kinds have long focused on the kitchen, but it holds particular sway over the newest wave of first-time homeowners. A “modern/updated kitchen” topped the list of ideal home features in the consumer report survey. If you plan to sell, don’t rip your kitchen down to the studs; a smaller investment can have a serious impact.

Keep the existing layout and replace the old with the new. If you are looking for affordable, modern, fashionable, smart, and quality European kitchens at bargain prices, IKEA kitchens are the way to go.
To ensure that your investment is solid, it is strongly advisable that you hire expert ikea kitchen installers with verifiable expertise and experience. You will love the result and you and your family and friends will enjoy your new kitchen. Especially you and especially nowadays as we all tend to spend more time at home.

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