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Installation is a crucial stage after you purchase IKEA ™ kitchen cabinets, here’s why?

  • When you purchase a new IKEA ™ Kitchen there is a lot of confusion in your mind. You will be stocked with the pile of IKEA ™ Cabinets, doors etc., so where to start and can i finish the installation by myself or should I go for the professional help will be the initial question in mind.
  • Even though The Ikea will provide the manual guide for the installation but if you have the helping hand at your home you can give a try but we STRONGLY recommend professional help… There is no doubt IKEA ™ cabinets are of good quality, but the faulty installation may affect the quality of the products too…
  • The installation involves many steps like Cabinet Assembly, Install Doors, Hinges, Drawers, and Shelves. Ikea Sektion Suspension Rail Installation, Countertop Installation, Install Doors, Hinges, Drawers, And Shelves, Miscellaneous Finishing Touches etc., you need to be extra careful to follow all best practices and if at any stage of installation even a minor misalignment or mishandling the installation can get you into more bigger troubles and of course your precious time is completely wasted as well, so its best idea to have some expert IKEA ™ kitchen installers by your side to help you in this.
  • The installation process also requires tools like Power driver, Jigsaw, power saw etc., it is not something that every homeowner is equipped to take on.
  • When it comes to IKEA ™ kitchen Cabinets everyone only talks about the ordering, Design, Measuring, Assembly but the installation is the one of the major and complex parts of the process and it will decide the final result. If done wrong the end result may not be as good as you were expecting and it will add up the extra cost to the budget so it is wise to seek professional help.

The experts are well trained and well equipped with all the process of the IKEA ™ installation they go through the Rigorous training to understand the Cabinet System, we suggest Kitchen Craft LLC Installers will be the best option for Installation of your IKEA ™ kitchen they have been in this Installations for many years, they know what you are expecting and know how to get things done the right way.