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Bring a Distinct Traditional Character with IKEA’s LERHYTTAN kitchen series

I know the white or grey interior kitchen design trend that defined the past decade, the best part of the white kitchen looks timeless and clean, making the tiniest kitchen look airy and spacious. But the new decade brings with its new trends, like that the many interior designers say there’s a new color in the kitchen that is Black.

Black, in particular, is a powerful color that can be subtle when needed, often associated with elegance and sophistication which can definitely be used to create gorgeous interior designs.  However, if not careful an interior based on black can end up looking dark and feeling gloomy. Balance is thus important when decorating with black.

IKEA is usually the number one choice when it comes to good quality and low-cost home furnishings to your dream kitchen, going from a light-colored kitchen to black cabinetry might be an unusual kitchen design idea, but Ikea never fails to rethink your decision Ikea offers with IKEA LERHYTTAN upper and base cabinetry with black stain.

An essentially all black kitchen looks sleek, especially when paired with a white floor, white walls, and white quartz countertops, lighting also plays an important role, Warm LED lights to illuminate the countertop, and a set of minimalistic lamps brighten up your kitchen you can also enhance the look of your kitchen by custom copper handles.

Our designing option is somewhat limited at this time but if you email us your Ikea kitchen plan with your Florida zip code and contact info, we’ll get back to you… In most cases, we can only take on Ikea kitchen assembly and installations:

We are working on providing more services in more areas and we’ll make it public once we are ready to launch. Until then extra services are limited to our regular customers and verified referrals. We are available to new clients in Florida and we can do 1-2-3 for jobs over $1,000. 1. Email your final Ikea plan. 2. Get a quote. 3. Schedule the install.

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