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IKEA Closet’s, a better way to get organized.

A room does not need a closet to be considered a bedroom. Closets have become common in every modern bedroom, closets are often the most common areas of disorganization, filled with items that are rarely used or even unwanted. Yet, they hang for all to see your superpower to choose the right without disturbing the rest of the unorganized mess from the wardrobe.  IKEA has many options available for you as a solution such as IKEA PAX, IKEA ELVARLI, and IKEA ALGOT.

The IKEA PAX is a total custom wardrobe closet, you get to decide how many drawers, shelves, and pull-outs you want in your custom closet. There are also a lot of different options for jewelry/accessory drawers, pull-outs for hanging things, types of doors, and If you are looking for a budget-friendly option might choose the IKEA ALGOT racks that are great for storing shoes, hats, purses, or shirts.

IKEA has a wide range of choice of materials and colors to suit every mood, and different sizes to suit every nook. From free-standing wardrobes with both sliding and hinged door options to the PAX system which can be customized from scratch for the designer in you, A closet is designed to maximize your closet’s available storage space. By incorporating features such as drawers, strategically located shelving, and other clever design elements, an optimal level of functionality within a closet can be achieved.

If your budget allows, go with a custom closet design instead of a one-size-fits-all closet organizer system from a big-box retailer. You get a better quality and a lot more customization options that will prove to be worth the extra expense.  Also, if you want a more exclusive solution and customized consultation feel free to shoot us a mail at with your Ikea kitchen and or closet design, your Florida zip code, and contact info and we’ll get back to you.

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